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OPEN SUN 1050 (high pressure)

Level 5 

12 minute max


3 x 640 watt lamps. High Pressure facial tanners with adjustable levels. 27 x 580 watt body tanners.100% true high pressure machine means less reddening, more browning. Perfect bed for those with a base tan looking to maintain or further your color. Just got back from a vacation, and looking to keep your color, this is the bed for you. Open style canopy provides a comfortable and relaxing tanning experience. The wide body shaped acrylic keeps you comfortable.

Open Sun.png

Level 4 

7 minute max


With 54 x 250 watt lamps this is the most powerful of all low pressure equipment available on the market. It has 2 meter tall lights to accommodate all heights, and raised a platforms so even your feet will tan. Not for a beginner tanner, this is the perfect machine to get you past your tanning plateau.


Level 2 - PASSION PLUS                                                        Drop-in Rate $13.95

Half Price Before Noon


Level 3 - AFFINITY                                                                    Drop-in Rate $15.95

Half Price Before Noon


Level 4 - X7 STAND-UP

Drop-in Rate $17.95

Half Price Before Noon

Open Sun.png

Level 5 - OPEN SUN 1050 (high pressure)

Drop-in Rate $29.95

Half Price Before Noon


Beauty Angel Red Light Therapy

Drop-in Rate $17.95

Cocoon Image6-transparent.png

Cocoon Wellness Pod 

Drop-in Rate $49.95

First time intro $25


TTS SUNLESS (spray tan)

Clear Glow with prep - Drop-in Rate $39.95

Bronze Glow with prep - Drop-in Rate $49.95

Spray Tan.png


Drop-in Rate $59.95

Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.

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